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                                        Doula Testimonials

"My husband gave me Gila's contact information after connecting with her at a New Year's Intention event held by a mutual friend. From the moment I first heard her voice over the phone, I felt at ease. She had me hooked when she suggested a prenatal massage was a good way for me to decide whether I felt comfortable working with her. I also loved she had the background of a nurse, the healing touch of a masseuse, the internal calm of a yoga instructor and the training of a doula. Gila is easy to talk to and full of information any first-time mother-to-be wants to know. I found she provided me with more information than my own OBGYN did in my office visits. She quickly became my 'go to' for all my unanswered questions. Working with her at the birth was amazing. She and my husband made an amazing team. I will not forget the moments where her warm hands held my contracting belly, massaged pressure points in my feet, scented the room with aromatherapy and showered me with warm water in the final moments of labor. She brings confidence to the situation and choices to the birth mother. I would recommend Gila for any mother wanting to tender love and care during her pregnancy and a confident coach and guide for her birth."

 - Beth Stiner


"During my pregnancy, I attended Gila’s prenatal yoga classes, enjoyed prenatal massage and utilized her doula services. Her past nursing career and extensive knowledge of yoga and the human body helped me to prepare for giving birth. Gila was truly a God-send. If it weren’t for her amazing calming presence and inspiring nature, I could not have realized my dream of giving birth to my son naturally (no epidural, no c-section.) She empowered me throughout my pregnancy with words of encouragement and never let a negative thought enter my mind.

In the delivery room, she worked magic on my pressure points, massaging me and baby into a “trance-like” state. I almost fell asleep between contractions, I was that relaxed and calm! I was never scared and any feelings of anxiety I did have were quickly put to rest by Gila’s angelic voice. She was very in-tune with my body and the process I was going through.

My husband is so glad we had her in the delivery room because it allowed him to rest, relax and focus on being supportive instead of being tired and anxious. She even made our baby feel relaxed in utero during her wonderful prenatal massages. We have nick-named her “The Baby Whisperer” and no doubt would hire her again should we become pregnant in the future. Thank you Gila!"
 - Much Love, Tara & Dan Ryklin



"Gila was my massage therapist for both of my pregnancies, and she proved to be a wonderful asset. She is all about caring and healing. Gila pays attention to your concerns and uses her skills to help alleviate your specific discomforts. She clearly enjoys providing this very special service. Any woman who has the pleasure of being treated by Gila will reap the benefits of her relaxing and soothing massages."
 - Lanita


"I am proud to know Gila Shire and all her inner and outer beauty. She taught me the practice of inner peace that was a part of what led me to the confidence of having my first born son naturally. I began my journey in Gila's yoga classes, both yin and restorative. Having practiced many forms of yoga, there was something so much deeper Gila offered; a sense of self-discovery through her ritual chants, intuitive music selection and reassuring instructions that both pushed you to the limit while providing a safe environment. Little did I know that it would be these very qualities that would lead to such a sacred birthing story.

Yoga was only one form of Gila's enchantment. Both my husband and I began receiving care from her massage care and this provided the platform of trust that the three of us ultimately formed. There was no question once my husband and I decided to have only one other individual present for our joyous arrival, that Gila's care would be both of peace and praise. We were right! When Gila accepted she brought us information for other resources that only built our confidence in natural childbirth.

Our son came unexpectedly early in the beginning of my last trimester and not many details were prepared yet, not even a bag for the hospital... we decided to contact Gila once we knew that we would be delivering, and she immediately responded despite personal physical injury that would be a toll not only physically but mentally to most. Gila's arrival brought us more peace with music for the soul, massage work and a variety of scented oils to soothe certain areas and activate others to help in the progression of our birth. Once we reached the point of no return as I fondly recall the last moments, through the strengthen my team, husband, doctor family friend and Gila who all cohesively coached me, we brought Krister Phoenix into the world. I could not stop thanking them all and the smile Gila wore that evening, reassured me that we all were blessed by the experience! Thank you for all your passion, support and encouragement during such an intimate moment in our family's life, Gila."

 - Tiffany

"I was skeptical about using a Doula during my wife's pregnancy, however after meeting Gila and seeing how dedicated she is to helping others and how excited she gets about the birth experience, it was an easy choice. I highly recommend Gila as a Doula. You will find that she is nothing short of amazing when it comes to coaching your wife through labor. She will work with you to accomplish the goals you set and calmly remind you throughout the process that you can do it. She took the time to teach me how to apply pressure and massage to help relax my wife during a 50+ hour labor event and helped us to fully enjoy the experience. In addition to her amazing skill set, she is extremely patient and has the stamina to keep everyone motivated, no matter how long it takes."
 - John Clark


"Gila was a blessing in helping my husband and I have the birth experience we had hoped and planned for.
Gila’s blissful prenatal massage work was instrumental in preparing for the birth of my daughter. It helped keep me and my baby relaxed and comfortable throughout my pregnancy and it was a valuable tool during the birth process. Gila has a calming and supportive energy that surrounded me as my daughter was born into this world. I will always value Gila’s role during my pregnancy and in the delivery room. The experience was everything I had hoped for and so much more."
 - Meredith


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